Satisfy Your Craving with It’s It Ice Cream

It's-It Ice Cream is a terrific way to "beat the heat" around San Bruno.  Source: Facebook

For almost 100 years, It's-It has been serving delicious ice cream to the Bay Area, and it's even become the official food of San Francisco. Now getting It's-It has gotten a lot easier, regardless of where you live. There are three ways you can get It's-It Ice Cream. First, you can pickup your ice cream in person at the It's-It office in Burlingame. … [Read more...]

For a Delicious Meal Head to Camino Corner

Camino Corner is a terrific cafe and bakery found near your San Bruno apartment community.  Source: Yelp

A great breakfast can really start your day off on the right foot. For a yummy beginning to your morning, head to Camino Corner. At this family-owned diner, you will find fantastic service, a warm atmosphere, and a menu full of delicious American classics. When you are craving something a little sweet in the morning, pick the Chocolate Chip Pancakes or … [Read more...]

Top 3 Common Questions About Caring for Your Dog

Here are some common dog-care questions that you'll want to know.  Source: morgueFile

Many pet owners encounter the same common problems when caring for their animals. Here are some helpful hints about three of the most frequently cited pet issues. Dogs often bark when a phone rings or they hear an unexpected noise. This may be because your dog is scared and confused by the sudden noise. To prevent this, try to begin to associate the … [Read more...]

3 Great Moves to Work Your Body in the Pool

Here are some excellent exercises to help you find fun and fitness in the sparkling pool here at your San Bruno apartment community.

The pool at our apartment community is a great place to get in a fun workout. Mix up your exercise routine with these three moves. To tone your core and legs, try a Bicycle move. With your back toward the side of the pool, stretch out your arms so that you keep your upper-body in place. Then, begin to pedal your legs, being sure to hold your abs in … [Read more...]

Help Your Pooch Ease His Separation Anxiety

Here are some tips for everyone with a cat or dog (or like pet) that develops separation anxiety here at your pet-friendly San Bruno apartment community. Source: morgueFile

A pup with separation anxiety can begin to panic if left alone. Help your dog remain calm with these ideas. If your pup's anxiety seems particularly severe, consider taking a trip to the vet. With a prescription for an anti-anxiety drug, your pup will be more calm and collected without being sedated. When you are away for extended periods of time, drop … [Read more...]