Have a Margarita or Two in San Bruno at Don Pico’s

Don Pico's San Bruno

Would you love the chance to end a chaotic day with a margarita and delicious Mexican food? If so, take a short drive over to one of the great Mexican restaurants in San Bruno. … [Read more...]

Eat Sip and Dance at the Outside Lands Festival Near San Bruno

4505 Meats

Are you looking for a bunch of great activities in one spot? Enjoy the best that San Francisco has to offer at one of the most anticipated upcoming events near San Bruno at the Outside Lands Festival. … [Read more...]

A Variety of Tasty Dishes are at Jack’s Restaurant in San Bruno

jack's restaurant san bruno

Would you love a nice breakfast before heading to work, a relaxing sit-down lunch with coworkers, or a fun date night out? You can do all of those things and more by heading to one of the great restaurants in San Bruno. … [Read more...]

Adopting and Welcoming a Pup Into Your Acappella Home

adopting a dog

Bringing home a dog for the first time is an exciting experience. Your home will soon be overflowing with love and affection and your world will be forever changed for the better. If you are thinking of bringing home a dog to our Acappella apartments, here are a few added reasons why you are making a good choice. … [Read more...]

Participate in a Marathon in San Francisco This Summer

the sf marathon

Take a tour of San Francisco like no other when you sign up for the San Francisco Marathon, one of a number of events near San Bruno this July. It's all taking place just 27 minutes from our Acappella apartments. … [Read more...]